About Us

In today's tight market, every speaking opportunity is significant for your company. Your message must be heard, understood, and remembered. As a financial communications firm we focus on providing strategic message development, building persuasive presentations, coaching executives on delivering a powerful message, and designing collateral support materials."

"Whether helping early-stage companies craft their message or assisting newly public companies speak to investors, Monson Communications LLC is unique in helping clients excel at delivering an effective message to investors, customers, and the financial community.

What sets us apart?

- A proven industry track record
- Hundreds of financial presentations
- Full service firm - from message development to delivery coaching
- A robust network in investment sector
- Highly successful IPO and Secondary roadshows
- Superior client satisfaction

Who uses Monson Communications LLC?

- Management teams preparing for roadshows
- Entrepreneurs securing private financing
- Executives presenting quarterly earnings
- Lawyers delivering courtroom arguments
- Sales teams needing presentation training
- Private companies seeking to create an identity
- Foreign executives needing to acclimate to US investor audiences
- Non-profits raising money from private donors and foundations

Frequently Asked Questions


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