Frequently Asked Questions

At what stage do you begin working with companies?

Really, the earlier, the better for bringing us into the discussion. We work with many different stage companies - from startup through the IPO - or for specific events, such as, raising venture capital, keynote speeches, and investor conferences. We also pride ourselves on being able to work with all types of companies from different sectors including software, semiconductor, healthcare, and security.

How does the strategic message development process work?

We work closely with the company to define what the company does so that they can clearly represent and position themselves in the marketplace. 

Why would I need delivery coaching?

Even seasoned professionals, executives and managers can benefit from learning new ways to simplify their message, position the company effectively, and deliver a compelling presentation. Winning investors is very different than product selling.

What makes you the best in the industry?

We pioneered this business and at this point have a seasoned track record and hundreds of financial presentations under our belt. We are a full service firm which provides all presentation needs from message development to delivery coaching. We have created highly successful roadshow presentations for public and private companies and have a broad client base across leading industries. We also believe our client services, turnkey solution, and ability to execute under tight deadlines are clear differentiators.

Now that we are public, how can we continue to work with Monson Communications?

As a public company you will always be in the spotlight. Our support services are tailored to help you stay ahead of the curve and prepared for earnings calls and other important speaking engagements. We work with the management team to be sure that their presentation is fresh, accurate, and current.

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