Initial Public Offering

We understand that each company has a distinct, and sometimes complicated, story to tell. An IPO is often the first time the management team has had to sell the company and not the products. As a result, even senior management benefits from learning new ways to simplify their message and position the company effectively.

Message Development

We begin crafting the story through meetings and phone conferences with company management and its underwriters. We then help you tailor the presentation to fit your style and your financial audience, ensuring that the message you deliver is remembered.

Delivery Coaching

We work closely with the management team to get the story, delivery, and graphics in sync. We distinguish ourselves through: one-on-one instruction, executive coaching, the use of video feedback, and the application of specific communication principles. We also train you on how to effectively handle Q&A sessions.

Roadshow Presentation

We begin by integrating your company identity and logo into a template design. As the story develops we translate text into exciting visuals. Special effects to help accentuate the message are then added through the appropriate use of images, animation, and sound.
Our philosophy is simple and comes from years of experience helping companies prepare for their IPOs. We're with you from start to finish working as a team with your management, bankers, and lawyers to differentiate your company from others raising capital in the highly competitive financial markets.

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